Over the years, black men and women have suffered the most injustices. From slavery to racism, it was as though we would never get to win. Too many people, life still looks like this. What does this mean? It just means we need all the support we can get.

Recently, the … read more

Will the single parent household rate ever decrease in the Black Family structure?

Today, many men raised by women have turned out great and are raising their own children with good values. The former president of the united states, Barrack Obama, was raised by a single mother, and we can agree that he turned out better than OK. Men raised by single mother … read more

Women Raising Men Alone

Do you ever feel like you are all alone in the world?

There are well-meaning friends and relatives around, yet you know that when they say, “I understand how you feel,” they don’t actually understand. Is this you sometimes?

For many people in peculiar circumstances, this is the case. When it is … read more

The Black family structures

Over the years, the number of single-parent black households have been going up constantly; there has never been a time when the numbers decreased. Every year, the number increases, and the projections are that there will be even more single-parent black households next year. Let us call them what they … read more

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