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Young.Men.Strong, LLC. is a growing community wide brotherhood organization whose mission is to promote self esteem. We Celebrate Ordinary Men doing Extraordinary things in our community. We encourage Black, Latino, and all Ethnic males of color -18-65+ with various cultural backgrounds who are at risk and are statistically declining socially and economically to voice their THOUGHTS and rebuild self awareness. Y.M.S provides a platform through which males of color can positively express themselves, educating, empowering, motivating, and respecting one another in hopes of breaking through walls, decreasing negative/hurtful thoughts, actions, stereotypes, or typecasting via themselves, media or any other entity.

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We aim to rebuild self worth, set higher expectations, and Celebrate Our Everyday Men. A mentorship organization whose focus is on the core of self improvement. Our hope is to offer work-study training for unemployed, out of school males of color via academia and hands on challenges such as, foreign language, vocational training, leadership, STEM, reading, and penmanship. Our interactive magazine “THOUGHTS” allows young men to be taught by experienced men in their community while being heard, seen, and respected in a positive brotherhood forum. When you look good; you feel good, therefore, you do good.

Our Community Outreach showcases great Professional Photography celebrating our everyday extraordinary Black, Latino, and other Ethnic-Multicultural males of color in their personal or professional setting in an effort to cope with social issues that influence their everyday lives.

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